How to Know Your Pet has Allergies

How to Know Your Pet has Allergies

The most common pet allergies are food allergies, contact allergies, inhaled allergies, and flea allergies. Sometimes, pets do not immediately show signs of an allergic reaction. If you suspect your pet is suffering from allergies in Baltimore, our veterinarian here at The Village Vet is here to treat your pet.

The most common symptom of pet allergies is itchy skin. If you see your pet constantly scratching, it is a good idea to contact a veterinarian. When suffering from an allergic reaction, your pet’s immune system is compromised, which could lead to severe complications. Other signs of pet allergies include excessive grooming and excessive licking.

Understanding the Types of Pet Allergies

Food Allergies – Food allergies occur when your pet has a negative reaction to certain types of food. These allergies result in itchiness, recurrent ear or skin infections, diarrhea, and vomiting. Our veterinarian can tell you what foods to avoid and give your pet medicine to reduce itchiness

Contact Allergies – These allergies occur when your pet has physical content with irritants such as detergents used to clean their blankets. Limiting your pet’s exposure to these substances is the easiest way to prevent these pet allergies.

Flea Allergies – Flea saliva from flea bites causes allergic reactions in pets. This kind of allergic reaction can lead to excessive itching and hair loss. Our veterinarian will provide you with medication to eliminate fleas and prevent them from infesting your pet in the future. 

Inhaled Allergies – Also known as atopy, inhaled allergies are a result of breathing in substances such as dust and pollens, resulting in an immune response.

The only way to know your pet has allergies is by observing changes in their behavior. Any information you can provide to our veterinarian can help them diagnose and treat your pet’s allergies.

Pet Allergy Treatment in Baltimore

The Village Vet has years of experience treating pet allergies in Baltimore. If you have any further questions about pet allergies or would like to schedule an appointment, call us at (410) 394-9581 or visit us online.