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Kendall .
Practice Manager
An advocate for animal welfare, Kendall began working at the Baltimore Zoo’s hospital and reptile house in 2002, focusing on husbandry and followed his zeal for animal health to The Village Vet in 2007. It is at this hospital that he has been able to learn from the excellent doctor staff and apply that knowledge to provide outstanding care for patients. Kendall was born in Washington, DC and attended Coppin State University for International Studies. Whilst in his sophomore year his focus veered toward fashion design and he has since steadily gained traction in the industry through several successful freelance design opportunities. When he is not at The Village Vet or traipsing around New York, Kendall can be found riding his bike around his Charles Village neighborhood, attempting a headstand at yoga or volunteering at the LGBT center in Mt. Vernon.

Education: Coppin State University Hometown: Washington, DC Pets: Dobri, the sweetest and sleepiest Frenchie you'll ever meet.