Why Your Pets Need Their Teeth Cleaned

Why Your Pets Need Their Teeth Cleaned

Fortunately, pets don’t need to have their teeth brushed every day. While many dentists recommend people brush their teeth at least twice a day, for two minutes each time, many pets can get by with less frequent brushing. That said, your dog, cat, or other pet can benefit from having their teeth cleaned. Visit The Village Vet in Baltimore for all of your pet dental needs.

When it comes to oral health, our veterinarians at The Village Vet would be happy to help. Our veterinarians are oral health experts so if you believe your pet is suffering from dental health issues, reach out to us as soon as possible.

Dogs & Cats Have to Brush Their Teeth Every Day

Pet dental care is a must. That said, you typically do not have to brush an animal's teeth every day. So, why do humans need to brush so often while animals do not? First, your cat, dog, and other pets probably don’t eat as much sugar as the average person. Sugar can be very bad for the teeth, causing cavities and other problems. Second, for better or worse, most pets don’t live as long as us humans. When it comes to people, teeth may have to last for 70 years or more. With most pets, teeth only have to last between 10 to 20 years.

Pet Dental Care in Baltimore

While pets don’t need to have their teeth cleaned every day, regular oral cleanings can help. A veterinarian or other pet dental health expert can remove plaque, check up on your pet’s oral health, treat infections, and more.

If your cat, dog, or other pet is suffering from oral issues, such as degrading teeth or gum disease, it is best to catch these issues early. Early dental treatment can prevent complications and save your pet from a lot of pain. Delaying treatment could cause pain and result in more expensive and evasive treatments later on. Regular pet dental care can prevent and eliminate serious oral health issues. If you are looking for a veterinarian in Baltimore who can provide top-notch pet dental care, call The Village Vet today at 410-367-8111 to schedule an appointment.