How Often Should Your Pet Have An Exam?

Regular pet exams are crucial for your pet’s wellness. That is why at The Village Vet in Baltimore, we offer thorough pet exams to keep your companion animal healthy and happy.

Pet Exam Recommendation According to Age

Under 1-Year-Old Pets

Younger pets have more needs when compared to those of older animals. Your pet needs to see the vet often (3 to 4 weeks until it reaches 16 weeks old) if you have a cat or dog that is less than one year old. Some of the health requirements of these pets include vaccinations and parasite treatments. Experts also recommend taking your companion animal in for spaying and neutering between 4 to 6 months old. Before the veterinarian performs this procedure, we will perform a few tests to ensure that your furry friend is fit for it.

Adult Pets (up to 10 Years Old)

Adult pets need exams to keep them healthy, though not as often as animals under one-year-old. Our veterinarians recommend visiting us once a year for check-ups. We will perform a thorough physical examination and administer pet booster vaccinations. The veterinarian may also take stool and blood samples. We will use them to run some tests to make a proper prognosis. If you have an outdoor pet, he or she may require additional preventative measures.

Senior Pets (Above 10 Years Old)

Older pets need to see a veterinarian twice a year or more. Since they have more health issues, they require more veterinary care. Our veterinarians in Baltimore may suggest tests for kidney and thyroid problems. We may also perform a diabetes exam. All of these exams are to ensure that your pet is safe.

Pet Exams according To the Pet’s Condition

Some pets have conditions such as cancer, liver disease, arthritis, and diabetes. These pets will require a pet exam after a short period since their health demands are high. For instance, an adult pet suffering from a chronic condition will require check-ups more than once or twice a year.

Schedule Your Pet Exam Appointment Today

Veterinarians have saved countless pets’ lives after diagnosing life-threatening diseases during pet exams. At The Village Vet in Baltimore, we offer exhaustive pet exams to protect and keep your pet healthy. Call us today at 410-367-8111 to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians.