What to Expect at Our Pet Wellness Exam

Pet Wellness Exam

Just as you need a regular annual check-up with your doctor, your pets need an exam too. So what happens during a pet exam, and why is it so important? Our team at The Village Vet in Baltimore, MD, will walk you through the answers below.

Importance of an Annual Pet Exam

You might notice things about your pet that need a vet’s attention throughout the year, such as sickness or injuries. However, you might not see more subtle signs of trouble, and your pet can’t precisely tell you when something doesn’t feel right.

Our veterinarian is trained to spot potential issues. So during annual visits, we will ensure everything is working. Then, if something goes wrong, we will address it.

Vitals and Stats

Our vet team will check your pet’s vitals and stats, including weight, temperature, breathing, and more. This detail will let your vet know if any dietary changes need to be made and clue them into your pet’s overall health.

Physical Examination

Our veterinarian will examine your pet from head to tail and everything in between. This exam includes their eyes, ears, coat, lymph nodes, dental health, abdomen, and more. Additional tests, such as blood or fecal tests, will be completed when necessary.


Your pet needs vaccinations at specific times. Often, these are given during pet wellness exams, but they’ll need return visits for boosters or second doses.


Once the examination is complete, our veterinarian will discuss anything relevant with you. This information may include diet recommendations, treatments for potential or current issues, hygiene tips, and more. When your pet is old enough, our vet will also discuss spaying and neutering it with you.

Schedule a Pet Wellness Exam with Our Veterinarian

If it’s time for your pet’s annual exam or if you have further questions, call The Village Vet in Baltimore, MD, at (410) 367-8111. We are committed to helping your furry friends keep up with vaccines and maintain a healthy body.