Pet Eye Infections

Pet eye infections are relatively common and can quickly grow into serious problems. If your cat, dog, or other pet is suffering from an eye infection, see a vet right away. If you live in or around Baltimore, MD, contact the Village Vet for help with animal eye care. Beyond providing direct care, we’re always happy to offer pet eye care tips.

Pet Eye Infections

The Causes of Pet Eye Infections

Many different things can cause issues with the eyes. Allergies, including seasonal and pollen allergies are a common issue. Your pet might be allergic to various chemicals and other substances as well. Further, some chemicals are simply eye irritants.

Foreign bodies are one of the most common causes of eye infections. Among other things, foreign objects can damage the eye, which can make the tissues more prone to bacterial infections and the like. One of the most crucial pet eye care services we offer is the removal of foreign objects in the eye.

Bacteria rank among the most common culprits when it comes to causing an eye infection. Fortunately, antibiotics can often bring infections under control. Viruses, fungi, and other microbes can also cause canine conjunctivitis and eye infections in other pets too.

Injuries can also make eye infections more common and serious. Unfortunately, many animals suffering eye and vision problems will paw at their eyes. This can result in cuts, which in turn may lead to an infection starting up or getting worse. If your pets are pawing at their eyes, it’s wise to see a veterinarian near you right away. Let’s look at some more symptoms of canine conjunctivitis and pet eye infections.

Pet Eye Infection Symptoms and Warning Signs

It’s wise to keep a close eye on your pets for not just eye infections, but other issues as well. If a problem is caught early on, the prognosis might be much better with the right veterinary care.

Common symptoms and warning signs of eye issues include:

•             Holding one eye closed

•             Discharge

•             Constant tears

•             Redness

•             Sensitivity to light

The above list isn't exhaustive. If your instincts are telling you something might be wrong, contact a vet for veterinary advice.

If you live in or near Baltimore, MD, contact the Village Vet for help with animal eye care and other services.