Pet Eye Infections

Did you know that eye infections can create discomfort in pets as it does in humans? There are vast causes of pet eye infections ranging from allergies, viruses, foreign bodies to injuries. Although pet eye infections may not be life-threatening, they certainly can impact daily life with pain and discomfort.

Eye disorders in pets can get magnified very fast; therefore, it's imperative to seek the services of a qualified veterinarian. Many pet owners encounter an impasse when it comes to spotting eye infections because it can strike your dog or cat when you least expect it. Don't wait for the eye infections in your pet to escalate — get in touch with our veterinarian at The Village Vet, serving the region of Baltimore and the surrounding community. Our caring veterinary team is ready to share with you how to spot the symptoms of pet eye infections coupled with prevention and treatment.

Pet Eye Infections Treatment From The Village Vet

Symptoms of Pet Eye Infection

Symptoms may be noticeable right away or develop over time. They include:

  • Squinting and blinking
  • Being sensitive to light
  • Thick, smelly discharge
  • Watery discharge or tearing
  • Redness of the area surrounding the eyes
  • Rubbing or pawing the eye
  • Holding one eye closed

Types of Pet Eye Infections

The most common eye infections include inflammation of the cornea and physical abnormalities of the eyelid or complications with tear glands. Additional common issues are:

  • Conjunctivitis: Inflammation of the mucous membrane that shields the exterior layer of the eyeball and interior of the eyelids.
  • Uveitis: Inflammation that strikes the eye's inner structures, including the ciliary, iris, or choroid.

Common Causes of Pet Eye Infections

The causes of these eye disorders vary from one pet to another. These causes include:

  • Viruses including hepatitis, herpes, distemper, or canine influenza
  • Fungus spores
  • Bacteria
  • Trauma
  • Parasites
  • Irritants or allergens like shampoo or smoke
  • A scratch or cut on the cornea

How Does a Veterinarian Treat Pet Eye Infections?

The treatment plan designed by your pet's veterinarian will be pegged upon the underlying cause of your pet's eye discomfort. It may entail a combination of oral medications like antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs and topical ointments.

Bacterial infection is alleviated in the pet's eyes by using eye drops and antibiotics. If your pet is suffering from allergic disorders propagating eye infections, the veterinarian will administer an antihistamine to soothe its eyes. Our veterinarian may suggest sedation or local anesthetic before removing the debris if foreign debris is the issue.

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The most effective way to treat pet eye infections is by a veterinarian conducting a comprehensive eye exam on your pet to establish the actual primary trigger. Call (410) 367-8111 and schedule an evaluation with The Village Vet in Baltimore.