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A Quality Veterinarian Near You in Baltimore, MD

When searching for the convenience of a “pet hospital near me,” consider the services provided by The Village Vet Baltimore Animal Hospital. Our team of dedicated veterinarians and staff offer caring and compassionate veterinary care to every pet that visits our pet clinic. Whether you are scheduling a first-time visit to our veterinary hospital, or your pet is an established patient, you can rely on us to provide your pet with the highest level of veterinary care.

Choose a Veterinary Hospital with a Mission

Finding the right veterinarian near you that offers multiple services, convenience, and emergency care, is a plus, and that is what you will get when determine our veterinary hospital is right for your pet.

Supporting your pet's health through quality veterinary care is a priority at our vet hospital. You can rely on our dedicated team of professionals to ensure your pet receives the compassionate care it deserves throughout its lifetime.

Services at Our Vet Hospital Near You

We have the services and experience to guide your pet through its medical journey at our animal hospital near you from the time your pet is born through to its senior years.

Throughout your pet's lifetime, there are a variety of basic medical procedures your pet will encounter. These include initial and annual vaccinations, dental care, wellness care, flea and tick prevention, preventative care, treating eye infections, identifying allergies, implementing flea and tick prevention, senior pet wellness, and proper nutrition.

Our clinic also provides more specialized services, such as blood work, pet diagnostics, and urgent/emergency care. Pet surgical procedures are also part of the services we provide, such as laser surgery, microchipping, and spaying and neutering. Other conditions our team handles include pets suffering from arthritis, pets experiencing obesity, and pets with orthopedic problems. Our vet can also check your pet for parasites and recommend a plan for flea and tick prevention, test your pet for heartworms and recommend a plan for preventing and treating the problem.

Animal Hospital Near You in MD

We understand you want only the best care for your pet. When your pet is in need of medical care, schedule an appointment at The Village Vet Baltimore Animal Hospital. Our pet clinic is ready to serve your pet's needs Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Call, email, or use our convenient online form. 

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