Pet Dental Care

Pets, like humans, occasionally need dental care. It's common for pets to need a pet dental appointment with a veterinarian so that they can get a much-needed dental cleaning. Having a pet means safeguarding their health wherever you can and pet dental appointments are an important part of their overall health care.

Pets need good dental health, as their dental health often affects their overall health. When a pet gets a teeth cleaning, you can make sure that they aren't going to develop problems with their gums or teeth. The veterinarian will tell you when your pet needs a pet dental appointment to deal with potential problems like tartar on their teeth. If you live in or around Baltimore, contact The Village Vet to book a pet dental care appointment.

Pet Dental Care

Why Pets Need Dental Cleanings

It's very important for pets to get dental care. Having a problem with the teeth or gums can cause widespread health problems for your pet. If your pet is having tooth or gum problems, they need to be brought in to see a veterinarian. It's often at an annual exam that problems are found. When pets have dental problems, they can have a lot of pain and may be unable to eat or do other things that they enjoy.

During the health exam, the veterinarian will look into your pet's mouth for any areas that could have infected teeth, gum disease, and other problems. When a tooth is infected or there is gum disease, the infection can get below the gums and enter the pet's bloodstream. That's when serious health problems can arise.

Pet Dental Exams

The vet will take a look at every tooth as well as the gums to examine the rest of the interior of the mouth. We will see whether there are any loose or missing teeth, infections or abscesses, and any problem areas in the gums. Your pet may need one or more teeth extracted because of infection or they may need a full dental cleaning. These cleanings generally require the pet to be sedated while the teeth and gums are cleaned. Your pet may also need x-rays to determine certain dental problems.

Get Professional Pet Dental Care in Baltimore, MD

If your pet needs a teeth cleaning or other pet dental care, our veterinarians at The Village Vet are here to help your furry friend have a healthy smile for years to come. Call our team today at (410) 367-8111 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.