Arthritis in Pets: Everything You Need to Know

Like humans, pets suffer from arthritis, and it can be just as uncomfortable for them as it is for us. Arthritis is a type of joint inflammation that affects a pet's everyday movements. If your pet shows difficulty walking and reluctance to move, our veterinarians at The Village Vet can determine if the problem is arthritis. Visit us in Baltimore for pet arthritis treatment and timely preventative care. You can also contact our friendly team for quick assistance. 

pet arthritis

What Causes Arthritis in Pets?

Arthritis is a prevalent chronic condition in pets, affecting one in every five dogs. As a pet owner, you may feel helpless seeing your pet suffer, but the condition is manageable with the right arthritis treatment. Age is the leading cause of arthritis in pets. As the dog ages, the joints wear out, making movement uncomfortable for the pet. Other possible causes of arthritis in pets include:

    • Joint infection
    • Diabetes
    • Obesity
    • Joint disruption
    • Tick-borne disease
    • Fungus

Pet arthritis can affect one joint or multiple body joints, depending on the cause.

Symptoms of Pet Arthritis

Pets suffering from arthritis show varying signs, so you may consult your veterinarian if you need clarification on the signs your pet shows. Here are the main signs and symptoms of pet arthritis:

    • Lack of stamina when walking or running down the stairs
    • Difficulty getting up
    • Increased aggression toward humans and other pets
    • Reluctance to exercise
    • Licking joints
    • Slower movement than usual

Contact our veterinarians immediately if you notice any of the above signs. Our animal doctors will examine your pet's condition and provide pet care services to improve your pet's wellness.

How to Diagnose and Treat Pet Arthritis

Sometimes, it can be hard to know if your pet suffers from arthritis, especially if they hide their discomfort. That's why regularly visiting a veterinarian for pet wellness examinations is advisable. If you suspect your pet has arthritis, your pet care expert will investigate the problem through physical touches, blood tests, and x-rays to determine if your pet has arthritis.

How We Treat Arthritis in Pets

There is no magic cure for arthritis because it is a chronic condition. However, we offer a wide range of solutions to manage the condition and prevent further problems for your pet. Here are some of them:

    • Special pet diets to normalize the pet's weight and support the joints
    • Physical therapy, like massage, to help relieve joint pain
    • Pain medications
    • Surgery in extreme cases

Contact The Village Vet for Pet Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis is painful and can hinder your dog's movement and lifestyle if not managed. Don't wait for your pet to suffer; take action. Visit our pet wellness hospital in Baltimore for preventative care, treatment, and more advice to enhance your pet's wellness. Contact us today at (410) 367-8111 to book an appointment.