Pet Surgery

If your dog or cat has to undergo pet surgery, you may be frightened, worried, and concerned. Whether the surgery for your beloved pet is an elective one or an emergency surgery, you will need to prepare your pet as much as you can ahead of time if possible. At the Village Vet in Baltimore, MD, we will handle your pet with the greatest possible care and expertise.


Before Your Pet’s Surgery

The evening before your pet’s surgery, make sure your pet’s coat is free of dirt and mud. Even if your pet is an outdoor pet, you should keep them inside for the night. Also, your pet must fast before surgery – feed them no later than 10 p.m. the night before.

Pre-Op Checklist

Before pet surgery begins, our veterinarian will check your pet’s lungs, heart, and circulatory system to ensure there are no new health issues. Then, they will choose the proper anesthetic.

Drawing blood from your pet allows our veterinarian to rule out any other potential complications like dehydration or kidney problems. Your pet will not be in any pain because of the numbing cream our veterinarian will apply.

Next, our veterinarian will give your pet intravenous fluids through an IV in one of their legs. Our team will give your pet an injection to relax them before the next step.

Your dog or cat will then be placed under anesthesia so they will not feel any pain during the actual surgical procedure. Your pet may require an oxygen mask to be placed over their mouth and nose area to help them breathe properly during the procedure.

After Surgery

Your pet will be placed on a heating pad or warming table after surgery so they wake up comfortable and warm. When your pet is fully awake, and our veterinarian is confident they are ready to go home, our staff will call you to let you know. You will want to keep your pet comfortable and warm for a few days following surgery. Follow-up care will vary depending on the procedure that was performed, so make sure to listen to the veterinarian.

Trust Our Team

To feel confident about your dog or cat’s surgery, you need a veterinarian with exceptional skills, experience, and knowledge. The veterinarians and staff at The Village Vet are proud to provide Baltimore and the surrounding area trusted pet surgery services. Surgery can be frightening, and we are here to address any concerns you might have. Call us at (410) 394-9581 or request an appointment online today.