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Wellness Care From Our Baltimore Vet

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At The Village Vet, our Baltimore veterinarian is here to provide your pet with the compassionate, skilled care he or she needs throughout all stages of life. We offer a wide range of services in our office, including wellness care services such as cat and dog exams, dental care, vaccinations, flea/tick prevention, and much more. All of these services are meant to help protect your pet's health and wellness while improving overall quality of life.

The Importance of Regular Dog and Cat Exams

Our comprehensive dog and cat exams are important for staying on top of changes in your pet's health. We recommend exams for most healthy dogs and cats at least once annually. Senior pets or pets with known medical conditions may be better served with twice-annual exams.

There are many reasons to bring your pet in for regular exams. For starters, these exams are the best way for our veterinary team to be on the lookout for small potential signs of underlying problems, which can increase our chances of being able to make an early diagnosis with any medical conditions or diseases. And the earlier we're able to diagnose health problems in your pet, the better our chances for successful treatment may be.

Wellness exams can vary a bit depending on your pet's life stage, as well as unique risk factors. However, the "typical" exam will include a thorough evaluation of your pet's vital signs, coat health, weight, and behavior. In some cases, additional diagnostic testing (such as blood testing or stool testing) may also be recommended. At the end of your pet's wellness exam, we can also administer any vaccinations that your pet may be due for to keep him or her up-to-date.

Other Importance Preventative Wellness Services

In addition to routine wellness exams, there are a number of other preventative services we offer here at The Village Vet and that you should take advantage of as a pet owner. For starters, if your pet isn't currently on a flea, tick, and parasite prevention medication, this is something to talk to our vet about at your pet's next appointment. This type of prevention is important regardless of whether you have an indoor or indoor/outdoor pet.

Spay and neuter procedures also fall into the category of preventative wellness care; by having your pet spayed or neutered, you can prevent your pet from having unwanted litters and also protect your pet from different types of reproductive cancers (such as testicular cancer in males). For your female pet, you'll protect her from the physical burdens that come with pregnancy, giving birth, and nursing.

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If your pet is due for any preventative wellness services or any other services provided by our Baltimore veterinarian, now is a great time to schedule an appointment with The Village Vet. Our team is here to optimize your pet's health and wellness at all life stages. Give us a call at (410) 367-8111 to book your appointment today.