Laser Surgery

The Veterinary Benefits of Laser Surgery

Owning a pet can be a wonderful experience but unfortunately, just like humans, pets can get sick. If your pet has fallen ill, you’ll want to contact a veterinarian right away. Pet health care has advanced and pet owners now have more options at their fingertips than ever before, including advanced options like laser surgery. Contact The Village Vet in Baltimore, MD, to learn more.

For now, let’s examine why laser surgery can be a great option for pet owners and their companions.


The Downside of Traditional Surgery

Unfortunately, operations may become necessary for pets. Surgery may be needed to remove cancerous growths. A surgeon might also remove infected tissue or stitch up a wound. Ultimately, lasers can be great for removing say a tumor or cysts. 

Traditional surgery involves using scalpels and similar cutting tools to cut and remove flesh. While these tools certainly have their uses and have aided medical care for pets and people alike, using them can lead to excessive swelling, bleeding, infections, and other issues.

Fortunately, laser surgery can help address many of these issues.

With Laser Surgery, Pets Receive the Best Care

Laser surgery can mitigate these issues to an extent. Lasers are high-powered beams of light and can provide an incredible amount of energy in precise locations. In practice, sufficiently powerful lasers can help cut through tissues. While this might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, lasers have become quite popular in medicine and other fields.

Lasers tend to cauterize the cut tissues, meaning that the tissue is essentially welded shut. The laser beam can even cauterize nerve endings, leading to less pain. Perhaps more importantly, cauterization can reduce bleeding and swelling. Add this all up, and laser surgery can also reduce the chances of an infection after removing a tumor, cysts, or more.

Easier Recovery for Pets and Family

As already mentioned, pets who undergo laser surgery may experience less pain and swelling. Infections are less likely as well, which could prevent cats, dogs, and other pets from suffering complications later on. This can help protect and promote the pet’s health.

Also, complications can result in hefty veterinarian bills. By using laser surgery, you may avoid complications and thus expensive medical bills.

Some pets might struggle with recovery after surgery. With a human, it’s often easy to explain why surgery is necessary and also how to get proper rest. If you undergo surgery, your surgeon might recommend you stay off your feet for a week or not lift heavy objects or whatever else. It’s much harder to explain things to pets.

Reduced swelling, infection prevention, and various other things might lead to a faster, easier recovery. Especially with pets, this might prevent them from accidentally tearing wounds open and other issues.

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