Spay and Neuter

Many pet owners might be unaware of the benefits and process behind spay and neuter surgery. What is this surgery? Is it necessary for your pet's overall health? At The Village Vet, a veterinarian in Baltimore, MD, on our team knows you might have lots of questions. We are here to help you rest assured your pet is receiving care that will make them healthy, and that spay and neuter surgery can benefit them. Below are somethings to know about spaying and neutering and how this procedure can help your pet.

A litter of kittens waiting to get Spay and Neutered

What Is Spay and Neuter Surgery?

Spaying and neutering is an elective surgery for cats and dogs. This procedure involves removing the reproductive organs of your pet, both male and female. In females, it’s called spaying where the ovaries and uterus are removed. In males, it’s called neutering, or castration, where the testicles are removed.

Are There Benefits to Spay and Neuter?

Spaying and neutering can provide numerous benefits to your pet. This surgery helps prevent reproductive cancers, reduces the risk of certain types of infection, eliminates unwanted pregnancies in female pets, reduces aggression in male pets, helps prevent spraying and marking in cats, and generally helps decrease the pet population. 

What Can You Expect After Surgery?

The recovery process is straightforward. Pets will be kept overnight and monitored by our veterinary staff to ensure they are healing properly. Pain medications and antibiotics may be sent home with your pet depending on their needs.

We can provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for your pet during the healing process. This includes advice on activity levels, proper nutrition, and any other information we feel you might need to know.

Is Spay and Neuter Surgery Right for My Pet?

Spaying and neutering is an important decision that can have a lifelong impact on your pet’s health and overall behavior. Before deciding to proceed with surgery, it can be important to discuss the procedure with a veterinarian and make sure you understand the benefits and risks associated with this decision.

Get Help for Your Spay and Neuter Procedure

Our team at The Village Vet in Baltimore, MD, wants to help you care for your beloved pet in any way we can. We hope this information has been helpful in understanding the importance of spay and neuter surgery. If you have further questions or would like to schedule an appointment for your pet, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (410) 367-8111. We are here for you and your pet.