Signs your pet may need a dental cleaning

Signs Your Pet May Need a Dental Cleaning

Pet owners take care of many things to ensure their pets are happy and healthy. We groom them, buy the best food, toys, even bedding but proper dental care might be overlooked.

Making sure your pet's teeth are in tip-top shape can be important for his well-being. Poor dental hygiene can lead to cavities, gum disease, lost teeth, infections, and even organ damage. At The Village Vet, here in Baltimore, MD, we are here to help prevent this, by providing your pet with regular pet care, including oral exams to identify and treat dental disease.

If you're wondering about when or why your pet may need a dental cleaning, keep reading.

Things to Look Out for

If your pet has one or more of these symptoms, it may be a good idea to bring him to a veterinarian near you,:

  • bad breath
  • broken/loose teeth
  • discolored teeth (yellow, covered in tartar)
  • discolored gums
  • drooling (abnormally)
  • trouble chewing
  • bleeding
  • swelling
  • dropping food from their mouth
  • loss of appetite

What Will a Vet Do during the Pet Dental Exam?

A vet on our veterinary team will do a thorough examination of the mouth, teeth, and gums. We may take x-rays to look for deeper issues as well. We might also check for cavities, loose and broken teeth, and signs of gum disease.

We might also scrape along the gums to rid them of plaque and tartar. The visit will wrap up with a tooth polishing and breath treatment.

What Can You Do at Home to Help?

Here are somethings you can do at home to help:

  • Brush your pets’ teeth
  • Buy them toys that promote dental health
  • Give dental chews/treats
  • No people food

Get Pet Care from a Veterinarian for Dental Disease, Discolored Gums, and Bad Breath

If you're in need of services from a veterinary hospital, call us at The Village Vet in Baltimore, MD, we are here to help with all your pet care needs. Call us at (410) 367-8111 for pet care from a “veterinarian near me” for pet dental disease, discolored gums, and bad breath.