Pet Anesthesia FAQs

Pet Anesthesia

Sometimes, pet owners must make difficult choices to protect their pet's health. If your pet needs to undergo surgery or another serious procedure, the veterinarian may suggest the use of anesthesia. At The Village Vet, serving Baltimore and the surrounding areas, we can provide the answers you need to your questions concerning pet anesthesia.

What Is Pet Anesthesia?

Pet anesthesia is a type of medication that is used when pets need to undergo a serious procedure or surgery. Pet anesthesia can either be local or general. Local anesthesia means that only a specific area of the animal's body will be treated. It will be treated either with a numbing shot or a topical medication. General anesthesia means that the animal will be unconscious. General is used during surgery or when the animal or the staff will be safer if the animal is asleep.

Is Anesthesia Safe?

Many pet owners are concerned that anesthesia is not safe. However, the truth is, pet anesthesia has been used for many years. It is considered perfectly safe. Our emergency veterinary team is highly trained in providing the proper amounts of medication for your pet's needs. Your pet's dosage of medication will be based on its size, weight, breed, and age. You can rest assured that your pet will be well taken care of during and after the procedure.

What Will Recovery Be Like?

Following your pet's procedure, our team will monitor it to make sure there are no adverse reactions to the anesthesia. In most cases, the pet can go home soon after the procedure is completed.

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