How Safe is Pet Anesthesia?

Pet Anesthesia

Some pet owners may worry about their pets when a veterinarian tells them that they need pet surgery. They may worry about the effects of anesthesia on their pet. Some might put off pet surgery and other procedures because they are worried about anesthesia. While there are some slight risks, overall, anesthesia is very safe for both dogs and cats. It is also necessary for a range of procedures in order to keep the pet still and comfortable. If you're wondering “how safe is pet anesthesia?”, you can call our veterinarian office in Baltimore, MD. Bring your pet in for a consultation to talk about anesthesia and its risks. We at Village Vet Baltimore Animal Hospital are here to help.

Risks of Pet Anesthesia

There are a few effects that anesthesia can have on pets. In cats, the risk of death from anesthesia is a tiny percentage. This is such as tiny percentage of pets that there's no reason to be afraid of your pet having anesthesia. As long as they haven't had a reaction to anesthetic in the past, there's an excellent chance that there will be no ill effects from it. When a dog or cat is healthy, the risks get even lower. The negligible risk for healthy pets is one reason why anesthesia is often used for pets when they need a procedure done.

Why Anesthesia for Pets?

There are many procedures that would be highly painful without anesthesia. In procedures like dental cleanings, it's important for the pet to stay still and not to bite. For surgery, it keeps pets comfortable and calm as well as preventing pain. How safe is pet anesthesia? It's highly safe, especially when the pet is overall healthy.

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